Company Profile

Shenzhen WeiKing Technology Co.,Ltd founded in 2004, is a company with over 17 years of consumer electronics innovation.

WEIKING designs, manufacturers, and markets a wide range of Bluetooth and wifi audio products, offers full lines of Bluetooth speakers,

Karaoke speakers, noise cancelling headphones, Bluetooth earbuds, Bluetooth receiver &transmitter, and smart audio products. 

Experienced in doing OEM and ODM projects with world-famous brands. 

Our products are designed in-house by a talented team of industrial designers, electronics engineers, structures engineers,

sound engineers etc. More than 520 workers ensure on-time delivery, enough capability. SMT, assembling, packing production lines,

and all other production processes are under strict quality control.

By providing a constant stream of high-quality and innovative products, WeiKing is the perfect selection for business partners around the world. 

Main customers are located in North America, Europe, Korea, India, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia etc. 

Familiar with local product requirements and business rules.



Strong R&D ability
Our products are designed in-house by an experienced and talented team of industrial designers, electronics engineer, structures engineer,
sound engineer etc. Launches 3 to 6 new models every season, also help customers doing ODM for a wide range of Bluetooth and wifi audio products.
WeiKing has free field precision of anechoic chambers for various acoustical measurements. 
Guaranteed Quality
Weiking's own factory strictly performs ISO9001 and ROHS standard with advanced production and test equipments.
Reliability tests are strictly applied to every production step and every product we produced. 
To ensure the high quality of raw materials and finish products, WeiKing's factory is equipped with many necessary test machines, for example,
waterproof test machines (for IPX5, IPX6 ,and IPX7), high & low temperature test equipment, plug test machine, air tightness machine,
Bluetooth signal test machine and so on.
Stable supply, on-time delivery
WeiKing has a factory larger than 10,000㎡, 4 SMT machines (include high-speed models), 2 backhand welding lines, and 5 production lines.
More than 520 employees ensure on-time delivery.
The stable production makes WeiKing has enough capability for urgent and large orders.
Comprehensive professional service
Rich experience in exporting Bluetooth and wifi audio products worldwide, familiar with the requirements for every market, helping customers solve design,
certification, shipment, and after-sales service problems. Always shares the latest market and technology information.
For more information on WeiKing and its products, please contact us directly: